12 Beauty Essentials You’ll Need On Your Next Vacation


Vacations are fun! Who doesn’t want to break the everyday monotony and travel to their dream destination? Whether you plan to spend your time on a sunny beach or a snowy mountain, do not forget to take care of your skin and hair.

Ok, you are overcoming jetlag and cannot even think of following a proper beauty routine. But, what if I tell you that sticking to some basics can keep your skin and hair in good condition? Yes, it is that simple! All you have to do is to pack some beauty essentials in your bag.

12 Beauty Essentials You’ll Need On Your Next Vacation

Cleanser-Vacations are meant for spending the time outdoors, which essentially means exposure to sun and pollution. Cleansing your face twice a day will help in keeping it free of oil and dirt. If you like to use micellar water then you can carry its travel size bottles to remove makeup and sunscreen.

Cleansing WipesCleansing wipes are great for simplifying your skincare routine when you are traveling. A quick swipe and your face is free of impurities. Cleansing wipes are convenient to use and there are many kinds available for different types of skin.  

Sunscreen– If there is one product that you should not skip even for a day, it is a broad spectrum sunscreen. UV rays penetrate into the skin and can damage it in a few minutes which makes the role of sunscreen important. Always be diligent with its use, your skin will thank you for this! Since it is best to carry few products on a vacation , invest in a good moisturizer with SPF 50 or more.

12 Beauty Essentials You’ll Need On Your Next Vacation

Moisturizer Moisturizing is one of the most important parts of your skincare routine and you should not skip it even during your vacation. Use a moisturizer with SPF 50 or more and reapply it every 2 hours. It is a great habit to moisturize your skin before you fly to prevent dryness.

SPF Lip BalmSkin on the lips is delicate and susceptible to sun damage. Use a lip balm with SPF to keep your lips soft, supple and to prevent sunburn.

Face Scrub– Face scrub becomes important if you are spending more than a couple of days away from home. It can instantly transform your skin and make it appear smoother. Use it once a week to get rid of dead skin.

Hand Sanitizer– I always carry a hand sanitizer in my bag and you should too! While washing your hands with soap and water is important, a hand sanitizer becomes essential when you do not have access to water. Our hands come in contact with millions of germs which make their way to the face when we touch it. And, it can cause breakouts or worsen your acne. Sounds gross? I know! Let’s just say that keeping your hands clean is the second best thing to do if you forget the golden rule of not touching your face.

Sheet Mask– Finally, its time for some pampering sessions. On a recent trip, I bought some sheet masks from a local pharmacy. Trust me! It was probably the best thing I did to my skin. Sheet masks are convenient to use and deeply nourish the skin.  The best part is that you can use them whenever you want. Simply follow the instructions on and leave them on your face for 20-30 minutes. Just ensure that you do not sleep in them because a sheet mask is of no use if it dries out.  Massage the leftover serum into your skin. No rinsing required! Doesn’t this sound wonderful?

12 Beauty Essentials You’ll Need On Your Next Vacation

Water– Are you wondering why I have included water in this list of vacation beauty essentials? Well, your skin needs more than moisturizers to stay healthy. Drinking plenty of water is essential to maintain skin hydration and is probably the easiest way to keep it healthy. Try to drink at least 2-3 liters water in a day. Do not forget to carry a bottle in your handbag when you step out of your hotel and keep sipping it all day.

Perfume– There is no need to leave your favorite fragrance behind when you travel. Many perfumes come in spill-proof travel size bottles that you can carry in your bag. Rollerball perfumes are also convenient to use during vacations. The best part about these mini bottles is that you can buy a new one on every vacation to suit your mood and the destination.

Shampoo and ConditionerI generally do not rely on the amenities offered by the hotel and prefer to carry my toiletries. I recommend that you do the same! If you do not wish to carry those bulky bottles, then buy travel size packs of your favorite brand. Do not forget to use a heat protectant if you are styling your hair. If it is a long holiday then it is good to use a deep conditioning mask once or twice a week.

12 Beauty Essentials You’ll Need On Your Next Vacation

Dry Shampoo– A dry shampoo is probably a girl’s best friend. After all, who wants bad hair days when you want to look your best. A dry shampoo is excellent for use when you do not have the time to wash your hair.  You can easily find travel packs of dry shampoo to carry in your bag.

Who says that you can not take care of your skin and hair on a vacation? Carry these beauty essentials in your bag and see the difference! Your skin and hair will look gorgeous as you relax and rejuvenate. Use a cleanser. moisturizer with SPF and sheet masks to take care of your skin. Carry your favorite shampoo, conditioner, and serum for your hair. Keep smelling great with your favorite fragrance all day. Eat well and drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day.

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  1. Kim

    Great list, i carry almost all of that around with me – i have to be incredibly carful about what goes onto my skin so i end up carrying most of it around with me in case i cant find what i need where I’m traveling to.

    27 . Dec . 2017
  2. katiekensy

    This is a great list! Sunscreen is always at the top of my list, because there’s nothing that can ruin a vacation faster than having a miserable sunburn that impacts the rest of the trip. Great reminders!

    27 . Dec . 2017
  3. Nawal Aharrass

    Some of these things are like so basic that you’re like of course I’ll remember, but seriously when you’re in the rush your head goes blank for some reason. So this list is very useful, thank you !

    27 . Dec . 2017
  4. Komal

    Sunscreen and lip balm are two things I never leave the house with when I go on vacation. Great list! I need to add perfume!

    27 . Dec . 2017
  5. aniahalama

    SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN!!! That is my number one thing for when I’m on vacation. The others are great too, I love the idea of hand sanatizer and dry shampoo too!.

    27 . Dec . 2017
  6. Joline

    I always (always!) forget cleansing wipes. And I agree, dry shampoo is great, especially when you’re stuck in an airport for hours or overnight.

    28 . Dec . 2017
  7. Annemarie LeBlanc

    These are definitely essentials! Sunscreen is always in my purse. Can’t leave home without that! I have to pack some dry shampoo in my luggage too.

    28 . Dec . 2017
  8. Pooja Kawatra Gupta

    This is a very handy list and so glad that I carry almost everything which is listed here for my vacations.

    28 . Dec . 2017
  9. Aditya

    I always carry these stuffs around with me, regardless people say, I will get at hotel. I get it or not, I still carry those

    28 . Dec . 2017
  10. Serena Lissy

    I haven’t seen those sheet masks before. I’m a heavy duty traveler and would love to take these along.

    28 . Dec . 2017
  11. Katie Kensy

    This is so true! No one wants their vacation ruined by a terrible sunburn. Great list, thanks for posting!

    28 . Dec . 2017
  12. Helen

    This beauty essentials are indeed perfect fr vacations! And i agree, drinking plenty of water is essential to maintain skin hydration and is probably the easiest way to keep it healthy. I think this is the most important among the list.

    28 . Dec . 2017
  13. Are We Adults Yet

    I love cleansing face wipes, they are so great for traveling. I usually put them in my purse when flying and keep my liquid cleanser in my checked bag.

    28 . Dec . 2017
  14. Real Food To Heal

    These are all great tips! I never would have thought to bring a sheet mask, but that is a really nice way to pamper yourself in general, why not on a vacation? Thanks for your post!

    28 . Dec . 2017
  15. Akamatra

    We never leave the house without sunscreen. The sun here is very hot throughout the year so having a bottle with us is a must.

    28 . Dec . 2017
  16. In and Out of Vegas

    Agree with your entire list. Never leave home without my sunscreen. BUT would you believe I have never ever tried dry shampoo? ! I know this is a must have, traveling or not, since we should not shampoo our hair daily!

    28 . Dec . 2017
  17. Alexis Rene

    PERFECT list and so needed!! Dry shampoo is so crucial for a good vacay and I love the moisturiser you suggested 🙂

    28 . Dec . 2017
  18. Mei

    Great pos t! I agree with this list of yours, all of these things are really important to stay fresh and look decent. I’ve never tried a dry shampoo tho lol (My hair doesn’t get oily that easily so I don’t really need it

    28 . Dec . 2017
  19. helene dsouza

    Thank you so much for such a lovely list … i always carry most of the things which you mentioned in your list above…things which i forget ill remember because of your list … so nice of you for making this list!!

    28 . Dec . 2017
  20. Blair Villanueva

    Sunscreen and moisturizer are my must-haves! I always make sure i have them. And I also placed face sheet mask in all my travel bags.

    28 . Dec . 2017
  21. keisha1989

    Sunscreen and lip balm is a must. I never go anywhere without it. Thanks so much for sharing this list. I think a lot of people will find this list helpful.

    28 . Dec . 2017
  22. The Walking Map

    With winter here, lip balm is especially important. After ending up with no shampoo a few times (at hotels), I always pack a travel size bottle or two.

    28 . Dec . 2017
  23. elishaff

    Dry shampoo is totally my bestie whenever I am traveling. I have 3 feet of hair (!) and it is fairly thick, so it takes a lot of work to wash and even more work to dry…. let’s just say it lasts like 3 hours without air drying. I always like finding little hacks.

    28 . Dec . 2017
  24. Marie

    I usually bring all the listed above when travelling. I don’t think I could leave without my wipes, my moisturiser or my cleanser!

    29 . Dec . 2017
  25. Ithfifi Williams / IthinityBeauty

    Great list of travel items, I bring pretty much all of these when I go on holiday. I hadn’t seen the garnier sheet mask before, I may look into that one for even when I am at home!

    29 . Dec . 2017
  26. Dalene

    Great list you’ve shared. Sunscreen is a must-carry for me and water. It’s so essential to have a water bottle around when off to a vacation. Unless I want to miss some, I’ll ensure I pack days before.

    29 . Dec . 2017
  27. lucicoo

    Dry shampoo would be my go to travel essential. You can just spray and go on your adventure.

    29 . Dec . 2017
  28. Doreen Pinto

    Good comprehensive list. i too maintain a similar list and modify it when I cannot take more luggage

    29 . Dec . 2017
  29. Different Frame of Mind

    These are all perfect essentials for your next trip. I just learned that cleanser isn’t face wash. So I am slowing learning things that are beneficial for your skin. Thank you for the great tips!

    29 . Dec . 2017
  30. Stephanie Jeannot

    I have yet to try dry shampoo. I think I neglect using sunscreen. I need to do that more often.

    29 . Dec . 2017
  31. Evelina

    Great list of must haves! I don’t leave anywhere without a hand sanitizer.

    29 . Dec . 2017
  32. jossy

    this is such a great list. i will keep them in mind

    29 . Dec . 2017
  33. Ana Ojha

    I’m a huge fan of Dry Shampoo when it comes to traveling! There’s no hassle and viola…your hairs are ready to rock the world!

    29 . Dec . 2017
  34. Meghna Dixit

    Those are wonderful tips for holidays. I am definitely taking notes.

    29 . Dec . 2017
  35. Indu

    You have rightly given much needed travel essentials of girl. I do miss few things to carry at times but will note down now.

    29 . Dec . 2017
  36. Sharon Koenig

    Oh, sheet masks! Fantastic idea!! Having some of those would be a great way to make the vacation that much more special. I’ll have to jot that down for my next trip. Thank you!

    30 . Dec . 2017
  37. ayeshafarhad

    This is such a great list! I definitely need to carry dry shampoo with me while I am travelling! Always tend to forget it and then end up with oily hair in a top knot!

    30 . Dec . 2017
  38. Eloise

    those are all great products needed for any vacation! I think I carry all of those items anytime I’m on vacation and ,of course, at home as well! (although, the dry shampoo I only use in the summer because the winter air is too dry as is!)

    30 . Dec . 2017
  39. Sarmistha Goswami

    This is a very good list of skincare products. Most of them are my travel essentials, specially sunscreen and hand sanitizer.

    31 . Dec . 2017
  40. Aditi

    Thanks for the round-up. Great list to keep handy. Somehow self care essentials always take a back seat when I travel.

    31 . Dec . 2017
  41. Gabriela@IamFoodieTraveler

    Great list, i carry almost all of that around with me. Most importantly, I never take the products offered in the hotels, for some reason my skin becomes very dry if I don’t use my own products.

    31 . Dec . 2017
  42. Ruthie Ridley (@RuthieRidley)

    All of the essentials here!! Great round up!! I couldnt agree more with them all!

    05 . Jan . 2018
  43. Shannon | Shannie Chic

    Great list, basic but there is always something you forget!

    05 . Jan . 2018
  44. cassy french

    I definitely second the lip balm with SPF! My lips get so burned in the summer if I don’t apply (and re-apply) enough! And those sheet masks look awesome.. I’ll have to try one out!

    05 . Jan . 2018
  45. Nicole

    Great ideas! I always pack the facial wipes – so much easier to travel with than liquid cleansers and just as good!

    06 . Jan . 2018
  46. Sanaa Brooks

    I still haven’t tried dry shampoo yet! Probably need to get on that this year. LOL

    07 . Jan . 2018
  47. Path of Presence (@pathofpresence)

    What a great list! Thanks! I’ve never considered using dry shampoo and I bet it comes handy in a pinch! Glad I found this – just in time for my vaca <3 xo Evelyn

    25 . Jan . 2018

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