8 Best Home Remedies To Remove Dark Circles


The skin around the eyes is thin and can easily get dark without proper care. Some common kitchen ingredients are excellent agents that help in reducing the pigmentation around the eyes.We bring to you the best home remedies that can help in keeping dark circles at bay.

Causes of Dark Circles

Anemia-A decrease in hemoglobin levels can cause dark circles. Anemia is related with weakness and it can make the skin around the eyes appear dark.

Hydration-Water is important to flush out toxins from the body. Improper intake of water leads to the appearance of dark circles. Ensure that you drink enough water to prevent dark circles from appearing.

Improper Diet-Lack of proper diet, not consuming fresh foods, veggies, fruits makes the skin appear unhealthy and causes dark circles to appear prominently. Eat a diet rich in Vitamin C by including fruits like Orange, Lemon, Kiwi in your diet.

Illness- Prolonged illness affects the body and makes it weak. Dark circles can appear because of illness.

Lifestyle Issues-Stress, Sleeplessness, Working Hours, Alcohol and Smoke are some factors that lead to dark circles.A change in lifestyle can ensure that you get rid of the annoying dark circles fast.Exercise, sleep well, cut down on smoke and drinks to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Home Remedies for Dark Circles

Almond oil-Almonds are known for improving and lightening complexion. These properties make almond oil one of the most effective home remedies for getting rid of dark circles. It is rich in fatty acids, vitamin E beside several other beneficial vitamins and minerals.

When used regularly, Almond Oil reduces the dark circles around the eyes.

What you’ll need

Few drops almond Oil

Simply massage few drops of almond oil around the eyes in circular motion before you go to bed. Leave it overnight and wash the next morning. Follow this home remedy regularly for few weeks and say goodbye to Dark circles.

PotatoWe all love potatoes-baked, fried, Raw! What? Raw?

Yes, Potatoes are natural bleaching agents that not just help in getting rid of dark circles around the eyes but also help in combatting puffiness. These are rich in starch, vitamins, and enzymes which are effective in removing dark circles.

What you’ll need

A Chilled Potato

Chill a potato in the refrigerator, grate and extract its juice. Dip two cotton balls into this juice and use it on your closed eyes for 20 minutes. Rinse with plain water and apply a hydrating eye cream. This is one of the best home remedies for dark circles that gives visible results when used daily.

Tomato-Tomatoes are known for skin lightening and bleaching properties. Tomato juice is applied by women around the world for making skin even toned and reducing tan.

It works effectively on dark circles as well and is an easy and proven home remedy that reduces the appearance of dark circles.

What you’ll need

1 tablespoon tomato juice

1 tablespoon lemon juice

Mix one tablespoon tomato juice and one tablespoon lemon juice. Apply this mixture around the eyes for 20 minutes and wash with water. Do not forget to follow with a moisturizing cream.

When used regularly, it is an excellent home remedy for dark circles.

Cucumber-We all love cucumbers in summers. It is not just a sandwich staple, but its lightening and astringent properties make it ideal for use on the dark circles.

What you’ll need

Two Cucumber Slices

Take a chilled cucumber and cut two thick slices. Place these slices on the eyes and let these sit for 20 minutes. Wash with cold water.


What you’ll need

Chilled Cucumber

Take a chilled cucumber, grate and extract its juice. Mix one tablespoon cucumber juice with one tablespoon lemon juice. Dip cotton balls in this mixture and place it over the eyes or apply this mixture using a cotton ball on the affected area.

It is an excellent remedy for getting rid of dark circles.

Rose water-Rose Water is a beauty staple. It is used as a regular ingredient of DIY Face Packs. It is also known to have a soothing effect on tired eyes.

What you will need

Cotton Balls

Rose Water

Soak two cotton balls in generous amounts of Rose Water and place on closed eyes for 20 minutes. It will soothe tired eyes and dark circles will gradually fade away.

Sunscreen-While the above-mentioned home remedies help in fading dark circles, sunscreen is important to sustain results. Wear a Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen with at least SPF 30 to ensure that pigmentation does not increase.

Water-Drinking enough water is known to have many skin and hair benefits. Water helps in flushing out toxins from the body and makes skin glow. If you regularly drink 3-4 liters of water, it will help in reducing dark circles.

Sleep- Dark Circles can appear due to lifestyle issues. It is important to take an eight-hour sleep in order to get rid of dark circles.

If you are stressed then start doing yoga, some other exercise or meditation.It will help in reducing stress levels and will ensure that you sleep well.






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