8 Ways To Protect Your Hair In Summer


The blazing sun in the summer months is extremely harsh on hair. Spending time outdoors can dry out your hair making it appear dull and lifeless. Hair loses its natural color and turns brittle, frizzy with unruly split ends. Find out how you can treat and protect your hair in summer.

Cover-Summers are known for high humidity which results in hair losing all its bounce.Sweat and oil together cause problems like dandruff, frizz and dryness.Whether you plan a shopping trip with friends or a day at the pool, do not forget to cover your hair with a hat or a scarf. These hair accessories not just protect your hair but make you look effortless and chic.

Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner While you may want to use the shampoo every day in summers, it is not a very intelligent idea as frequent shampooing makes your hair lose its natural moisture. Summer is the time when you should switch to gentle moisturizing products to keep your hair shiny and smooth. Limit the use of these hydrating cleansers to once or twice a week.

Always follow shampoo with a conditioner to replenish the moisture and to keep your hair hydrated after every wash.

Co Washing  refers to solely relying on conditioner to cleanse hair.It is supposed to be gentler on hair as conditioner softens the hair and controls the frizz.A cleansing conditioner is suitable for washing dry hair since it helps in keeping hair moisturized.

Co washing is especially beneficial for women with curly hair as it gets easier to manage hair after washing with a conditioner.It should be noted that only a cleansing conditioner should be used for co washing (a deep conditioner will attract dirt making hair greasy).

Heat StylingAll of us use several styling tools to tame our tresses without realizing the harm these straighteners, dryers, curlers, rollers and chemical loaded sprays are causing to our delicate, frizz prone hair. Put down the heat tools and embrace your natural hair this summer by opting for air dried hair.

Refresh your look by getting a haircut to get rid of split ends first and then follow three quick steps in your routine to keep your hair looking good.Wash your hair with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner followed by a quick towel dry.Apply a few drops of a leave-in conditioner to your hair and let it air dry.Comb your hair and you are ready to rock the natural hair look!

Hairstyle-Warm summer days are the time when you can look elegant each day by opting for different feminine hairstyles that are comfortable and easier to manage. Keep your hair off your neck in a loose bun, ponytail or soft braids. These styles protect hair from external damage and make you look fashionable even on bad hair days.

Sunscreen We all know the importance of sunscreen in our skincare regimen, but have you thought of using one for your hair?

UV rays cause severe damage and using a product with SPF can protect your hair from getting dull, brittle and dry. However, your regular shampoo, conditioner and spray lack sun protection and therefore SPF hair products become important. These products are not easily available in India and are more expensive than your regular sunscreens but worth the investment.

Deep ConditioningPamper your hair with a deep conditioning treatment every week to restore the moisture in your hair. Try this DIY Deep Conditioning Mask for improving hair health.

What you’ll need

Half Cup Mayonnaise

1 Egg

Whisk the egg with mayonnaise until smooth.Apply on hair ensuring proper coverage from the roots to the tips.Cover hair with a shower cap and leave for 20 minutes.Rinse off with water and wash with a mild shampoo.

This mask can be used once or twice a week to nourish,moisturize and add shine to hair.

Hot oil TreatmentCoconut, castor, olive and almond oil are known for infusing life into dry and parched hair, treating split ends and promoting hair growth.Warm oil penetrates the hair and moisturizes from within.

What you’ll need

Half Cup Oil 

Warm your favorite oil (you can use a concoction of coconut, olive and castor oil) for few seconds and apply on your scalp and hair.Massage hair properly to ensure even coverage for 30 minutes.Cover with a shower cap and leave for an hour. Wash with a moisturizing shampoo and follow with a hydrating serum or oil. If it is convenient, leave the oil overnight before washing it the next morning.

WaterDrinking water is not only helpful for maintaining beautiful skin but is also important for healthy hair. Having at least 8 glasses of water regulates the blood circulation, maintains hair health and promotes hair growth.




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