A Trip To The Corning Museum OF Glass

Hello Lovelies! I always forget to update My Diaries and in fact, this is my second post in this section. But, I promise you that I will be more regular in my posts. I want to share a lot with you and this is the place where we can interact and get to know each other.

I have been wanting to share with you the pictures of a trip that we took a few days back to Corning and Niagara Falls. It was a two-day trip and we went to this glass museum on Day-1.

Corning is a spectacular glass museum and these pictures do no justice to its beauty. It is the world’s largest museum devoted to glass art and artifacts. You can observe the glassblowers create beautiful objects before your eyes, in fact, you can try making your own glass ornaments. Doesn’t that sound wonderful!

Sharing some pictures!

This one is beautiful!

Love this color!

Artifacts from India! 🙂

Glass Ornaments!


Glass Flameworking Demo!

And look what they made. They make a leaf in each demo and attach it to the stem.

Tired but still in selfie mode 😀

After spending three hours admiring the beauty of the artifacts at The Corning Museum of Glass and a lot of shopping at their gift shop, we headed towards our next destination-Niagara Falls.












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