Benefits Of Fenugreek Seeds For Hair!


Fenugreek (methi) is packed with nutrition and is a great remedy for many health-related issues. It is a rich source of protein, iron, vitamins and minerals. Fenugreek seeds improve digestion, blood cholesterol, blood sugar, inflammation and skin problems.

However, do you know that it can solve several hair problems and give you healthy, shiny hair?

You can soak fenugreek seeds in a glass of warm water and leave it overnight. Drinking this water can give you lustrous hair. You can also use fenugreek in simple DIY masks to improve hair health.


Fenugreek Hair Mask for Shiny Hair

Fenugreek is an excellent conditioner that imparts shine to dull hair. Hair mask made of fenugreek seeds can be washed off with plain water easily so there is no need of using a shampoo.

What you’ll need

Half Cup Fenugreek Seeds

Warm Water

Soak half cup Fenugreek Seeds in warm water overnight. Make a paste of these soaked seeds in a blender with a little water. Apply this paste on hair and scalp for 30 minutes.

Wash with plain water.

Fenugreek-Yogurt Mask for Dandruff

Fenugreek-Yogurt Mask not just helps in getting rid of dandruff but also soothes itchy scalp. Yogurt has cooling properties and helps in calming irritation.

What you’ll need

Half cup Fenugreek Seeds (Soaked in Warm Water Overnight)

2 tablespoon yogurt

Soak half cup fenugreek seeds in warm water overnight and make a paste with yogurt in the morning.

Apply this mask on hair and scalp and leave for 20 minutes. Follow with a mild shampoo.

Use this hair mask thrice a week for best results.

Fenugreek-Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

Fenugreek helps in treating hair damage and when combined with the goodness of coconut oil, it acts as the perfect agent that improves hair growth.

What you’ll need

Two Tablespoon Fenugreek Seeds

One Tablespoon Coconut Oil

Heat two tablespoons fenugreek seeds in one tablespoon coconut oil till the seeds turn red in color.Let the oil cool down and remove the seeds.Massage this cooled oil on the scalp and hair.Leave it overnight and wash with a mild shampoo and conditioner the next morning.

Fenugreek and coconut oil can be used on the hair twice a week for best results.

Fenugreek-Amla Mask For Premature Graying

Fenugreek-Amla is an easy and amazing hair treatment that helps in preventing premature graying.

What you’ll need

2 Tablespoon Soaked Fenugreek Seeds

2 Tablespoon Amla Powder

Mix two tablespoon Amla powder and paste of two tablespoons soaked fenugreek seeds. Apply this mask on the hair and leave for one hour.Wash with a mild shampoo

Fenugreek-Egg Mask for Dry Hair

Egg is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals that help in nourishing hair. It is also helpful in treating hair fall and dry, dull hair. When combined with the nutritious fenugreek seeds, it forms an effective hair mask that makes hair radiant, treats frizz and split ends.

What you’ll need

Half cup Fenugreek Seeds (Soaked in Warm Water Overnight)

One Egg

Soak half cup fenugreek seeds in warm water overnight and make a smooth paste.Add one egg to this paste. Apply this mask on the scalp and hair and leave for 30 minutes.Wash with a mild shampoo.

Fenugreek -Curry Leaves for Hair Fall

Like Fenugreek, Curry Leaves have been traditionally used to treat gray hair and improve hair growth. These effectively strengthen the hair and prevent hair fall.

What you’ll need

1 Cup Coconut Oil

2 tablespoon Fenugreek Seeds

2 tablespoon Curry Leaves

Add two tablespoons Fenugreek Seeds and two tablespoon Curry Leaves to one cup coconut oil.Heat this oil till the leaves and seed turn brown.Allow the oil to cool and pass through a strainer.Store in a jar and massage scalp and hair with this fragrant coconut oil to reduce hair fall.

Fenugreek for Oily Scalp

Fenugreek and Apple Cider Vinegar can be used to control excess oil on the scalp and hair.Follow these simple instructions for this DIY treatment.

What you’ll need

2 Tablespoons Fenugreek Seeds Powder

1 Tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix two tablespoons fenugreek seeds powder with one tablespoon apple cider vinegar.Massage on the scalp and wash after 15 minutes.

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