Forest Essential Eternal Youth Formula Review


Product Claims: –

This potent formula has powerful anti-ageing properties that visibly diminishes signs of aging by eliminating fine lines and restoring firmness, leaving the skin firm, toned and more youthful.

Eternal youth formula is based on the theory of Panchmahabutas which means that it is pleasing to all the five senses I This is an ancient formulation from the 17th century & is prepared according to Vedic Shashtras, in the Himalayas 100% natural.


Eternal Youth Formula Date and Litchi is a luxurious cream from Forest Essentials which claims to revitalize skin and restore a youthful appearance. This cream has some interesting ingredients like Dates, Litchi apart from Genhu (wheat extract) and Kasturi Manjal.

Dates-Dates are loaded with vitamins, minerals which help in fighting free radicals and boosting youthful appearance.

Litchi-It is rich in vitamins B-complex, vitamin C, and antioxidants which make it an ideal product to target aging skin.Litchi hydrates and makes skin even toned besides revitalizing skin.

Wheat extract-Wheat Extract is an important ingredient in many cosmetic products, known for improving skin texture making it soft and supple.

Kasturi Manjal-It is effective in enhancing the complexion and prevents premature aging. It also acts on dark spots and blemishes.

How to use:-

Apply on the face and neck in the night after cleansing and toning.Massage gently till the cream is completely absorbed.

Packaging: –

Forest Essential products are beautifully packaged and the same holds true for this cream as well. It comes in a  jar with a beautiful golden cap.

Jar Packaging

Most of the products from the brand are packed in jars.However, I do not like jar packaging for two reasons:

The product gets contaminated if not handled properly and the efficacy of the ingredients is affected after coming in contact with air.

It is important to ensure that wet and dirty hands are not used while using the cream.The cream should not be exposed to air for too long(if it is possible) or the ingredients will lose their effectiveness.


It is an expensive cream (like other products from the brand);50 grams of this product costs Rs. 3600.However, very little product is required every time you use it.

My Experience- Forest Essentials is a brand that makes natural and chemical free products. Although I could not use their products after moving to the U.S., some of them still remain my all-time favorites. I bought this cream when I was in India this year. My mom and I used it regularly in the night to address our skin related concerns. My skin is dry and requires intense hydration in winters which this cream provides. While I found it suitable for my skin, it did not make much difference to my mom’ skin which is drier (and she had to use it with a moisturizing lotion) and there were no visible anti-aging effects too. However, it did make the skin look soft and healthy. 

What I like:

  • It is a velvety textured cream which gets easily absorbed, feels good on the skin and does not leave any oily sheen behind.
  • It is hydrating and the skin feels moisturized after its use.
  • It has a mild and pleasant smell which is not too overpowering.(Smells of litchi!)
  • Suitable for dry and combination skin, this product works to moisturize and improve skin texture within few days of its use (benefits an anti-aging cream should offer).

Note-This cream has a heavy texture which makes it unsuitable for oily and acne-prone skin.

  • It is a completely natural product, free of chemicals and preservatives.

What I don’t like:

  • Jar Packaging
  • It will hydrate skin and help in maintaining its texture but do not expect any miraculous anti-sagging results.
  • It is not suitable for very dry skin.If you are looking for a solution to extremely dry and flaky skin, this is not the right product.(The brand suggests the use of Soundarya Serum with this cream for very dry skin.)


Eternal Youth Formula Date and Litchi is a cream packed with vitamins and antioxidants that work to hydrate the skin, improve and maintain overall appearance. It is an all natural product free of chemicals and preservatives.Regular use of this cream gives bright and supple skin.

However, if you are looking for the revival of aging and mature skin, this product will not give any magical results.




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