Hello July! What To Expect On Gorgeousmantra This Month!


Hello Everyone!

It is difficult to believe that it’s July 2nd and we have entered the second half of 2018. How time flies!

This month on Gorgeousmantra is going to be about the ayurvedic products I have been using for the last few days. Since I am a fan of Ayurvedic and Herbal products, it was interesting to add new products to my skincare routine. I will be sharing my views on how each of these products performed and if they deserve a place in your beauty cabinet.

Since July either means summer or rain, it can be very challenging to keep skin healthy and hair frizz free. You can expect posts on some simple DIY’s to pamper your skin and hair this month- DIY’s that will give excellent results!

If you are a mom who finds it hard to pay attention to your beauty routine, I have a special post lined up for you-Beauty tips for busy moms-from busy moms! Does that sound interesting? If yes, then keep reading the blog for your daily dose of beauty tips!

Are you excited about July? Share your plans for the month in the comments section below!





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