How Snail Slime Can Transform Your Korean Skincare Game


Korean skincare has been in trend for quite some time. It has been one of the game changer skincare routines for all the girls out there. The 7 or 10 step skincare routine has literally taken over the internet. But what makes it so happening around the people? The presence of one of the best ingredients for skin is making it viral and popular amongst people. So, let us discuss more of what this secret ingredient actually is and what the major benefits of it are.

What is Snail Slime?

So, this was our secret ingredient “Snail slime” which is also known as Snail mucin, Snail oil, Snail serum, and Snail filtrate. Your first instance after listening to this word may be ‘Ewww’. But, making it very clear to everyone out there that snail slime or many of its names doesn’t mean what you are thinking in your head. So, stop there and learn ahead.

Snail slime for skin

Snail slime is basically skincare and cosmetic ingredient which has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. To make your skin look young and youthful, snail slime is infused in most of the Korean skincare products. It is responsible for making your skin look even, firm and fresh all day long. It has occupied an amazing space in some of the products like face elixirs, serums, sheets masks, and some face masks as well. Snail Facial is quite popular in the K-beauty world where live snails linger in your face leaving their mucin. And as we know, the mucin acts like skin food and softens skin, making the skin look younger and healthy. This tiny little snail has slime or oil or say mucus around it and this is all we need to change our skincare game. Snail mucus is of two types and both are for different purposes. But we use only one of them.

Benefits of Snail Mucin for the skin

Snail mucin is a great ingredient in all the Korean beauty skin care products. Once you get the hang of it, you cannot get away from it. The benefits of this ingredient are so many that one cannot even count on it. So, here are some of the major benefits of snail mucin for the skin.

  • Extremely hydrating

Does it feel weird when I say this that it is hydrating? Well, it actually is. Snail mucin is extremely hydrating for the skin. It not only helps in locking the moisture present in the skin but it also changes your skincare game. Obviously, it is not applied directly on the face but is used in numerous of skincare and cosmetic products. Hydration is the key to glowing skin and snail mucin does the job really well.

  • Improves the quality of the skin

Your skin may suffer from the harsh rays of the sun and everyone or the other things. But, what keeps it updated and fresh is the snail mucin. The snail mucin is a remarkable ingredient for the skin. It improves the quality of the skin from trash to beauty. It helps in eliminating the dead skin cells from the skin making it squeaky clean and soft.

  • Anti-aging properties

An ingredient which can offer so much to your skin must be adored and respected to the next level. We cannot say enough about the benefits of snail mucin because the ingredient has proved itself. It has amazing anti-aging properties for the skin which makes it usable in all the skincare and cosmetic products. It makes you look younger and youthful regardless of your age. The signs of aging along with wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots are reduced to a great extent with the help of snail mucin. This is a Holy Grail ingredient and one can never go wrong with it.

  • Fights with hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation scares the hell out of a person when it makes its place on the face. But, dealing with it was never so easy. However, the determination of snail mucin or snail slime changed the game forever. The amazing benefits of snail mucin include fighting with hyperpigmentation. The uneven skin tone is eradicated and you are left with easy-breezy supple and even skin. This is the prime reason why snail mucin is used in numerous Korean Beauty Skincare products.

  • Glowing and dewy finish

Achieving glowing skin is not everyone’s cup of tea. To make it possible one need to take care of their skin and for that snail mucin has made its place. Snail mucin is an ideal choice as it helps in achieving that glowing and dewy skin which you crave for. Snail mucin as an ingredient in skincare and cosmetic products has mind-boggling benefits for your skin. Just get one of them and observe the change.

  • No more acne scars

Acne has been of the most rated skincare issues in the past few years. Girls have gone mad because acne and acne scars are not leaving them at any cost. Tired of trying products they have just left their ideal CTM routine. But, is that the way to deal with the problem? Snail mucin is just the thing for acne scarring. Skincare products which are infused with snail mucin work really well for acne and acne scars. One should never think twice before getting them on hand.

Snail facial mask benefits

Where you can find snail slime?

You can literally not find snail slime everywhere in the world. People who use snail slime for commercial purpose extract the snail slime from the Helix Aspersa garden of snail slime. It is nonetheless one of the best places to get snail slime. The filtrate of the snail is also found in a huge quantity in Italy. There are more than 4000 producers of snail slime in Italy.

The process of extraction has changed over time because of cruelty-free techniques. Earlier, the snails were dipped in vinegar or salt solution to haul out the precious and helpful secretion of the snail. However, things have definitely changed over time with the introduction of technology. Nowadays, cruelty-free methods are used to extract the snail slime.

Snail Mucin – A powerful ingredient in skincare products

Snail slime or mucin is a widely used ingredient today in almost every skin care product. People in South Korea are getting obsessed with this trend of trying snail slime facial and its products. Amazing changes are finally visible because people can notice that their skin is behaving nicely and feeling smooth and supple.

This ingredient has absolutely changed the game of skincare because it has unbelievable and thrilling benefits. Snail mucin is used in cleansers, scrubs, and lotions. The beneficial properties for snail mucin for the skin are endless.


After blabbering a lot about snail mucin, one has to also understand that this ingredient varies with the quality of snail. The quality of the snail slime is highly affected by environmental conditions. The active compounds vary with every other snail. So, it is extremely important to get prior knowledge about the ingredient and its advantages and disadvantages. So far snail mucin or slime is a beneficial ingredient for our skin.


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    I love using snail skin care products for my under eye bags! I found a super cheap deal on amazon so I decided to give it a go, and I didn’t regret it. I think everyone should give this stuff a try. Thanks for sharing!

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    I only wish they could come up with a better name for it. I get what it is, but the thought of putting it on your face, even though it has benefits, just yuk. Great article though.

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