How To Do A Relaxing Foot Spa At Home


A foot spa is pure luxury! It is difficult not to indulge in a little bit of occasional pampering when you are tired or stressed.

Okay, If you are wondering how little time you get to pay attention to your body, we bring to you a rejuvenating  DIY Foot Spa that can give you professional looking results in no time. Get beautiful toes in four simple steps without burning a hole in your pocket. Just remove the old nail paint with a nail paint remover before you start, put on soft music and light some aromatic candles for a spa-like experience.

SOAK: This is not just the most important part of your spa, but a warm foot soak is incredibly relaxing. It softens your feet and makes them ready for exfoliation, the addition of Epsom salt enhances the entire experience by reducing pain and discomfort. Unwind after a long day with a luxurious soak while you listen to soothing music in the background.

What you’ll need

A Tub Filled With Warm Water

Few Drops Baby Shampoo

Half Cup Epsom Salt

Few Drops Essential Oil

Take a tub filled with warm water, add some baby shampoo and Epsom salt to it along with a few drops of essential oil. Soak your feet for 20 minutes as it cleanses your skin and soothes your aching feet. Do not use essential oils if you are allergic to them.

EXFOLIATE: Now that your feet are soft, it’s time to exfoliate! Use a scrub to remove dead skin and if you have thick calluses,use a pumice stone to lightly scrape the bottom of your feet.

Scrub: Who doesn’t love using a scrub? It polishes and softens the skin in as little as one use. You can make easy and effective foot scrubs with two of the most common kitchen ingredients-Salt and Sugar. While these two are excellent exfoliants, the addition of olive oil (or any oil of your choice) makes these recipes super moisturizing.

Sugar Foot Scrub: Sugar scrubs are awesome, they make skin look beautiful in minutes. This simple sugar foot scrub gently sloughs away dead cells to reveal softer, smoother skin. All you need is a bowl, some olive oil, and sugar!

What you’ll need

Two Tablespoons Sugar

Olive Oil

Take two tablespoons sugar and olive oil to make a thick paste. Massage this paste in circular motion to remove dead cells focusing on the rough areas.

TIP-A sugar scrub is gentle enough for use on the entire body for radiant and gorgeous skin.

Salt Foot Scrub: While sugar scrubs are gentle and suitable for use on the sensitive areas of the body, salt scrubs are more abrasive and can be used on the feet.  This powerful scrub is great for removing dry, rough skin to refine foot texture.

What you’ll need

Two Tablespoons Sea Salt

One Tablespoon Olive Oil

Few Drops of Essential Oil (Optional)

Take two tablespoons sea salt and one tablespoon olive oil to make a thick paste. You can add few drops of essential oil to add aroma to this scrub.

TIP– You can make a large batch of this scrub and store it in a glass container. Salt scrubs stay good for several months.

Buff: After using the scrub, take a wet pumice stone, coat it with some baby shampoo and use it to buff away dead skin.

SHAPE AND CLEAN: One last step before you moisturize your feet! Clip your nails with a nail cutter and file them. Use a cuticle pusher to gently push cuticles back, it is important to note that cuticles should never be cut. You can use a cuticle cream/ oil or any other moisturizing agent to keep cuticles soft.

TIP– File your nails in one direction, not back and forth when you shape your nails!

Do Your Own Foot Spa At Home in 4 Simple Steps

MOISTURIZE: Your feet are clean and soft, but the experience doesn’t end here. Massage your feet with a cream or oil to replenish the moisture your feet lose during the spa.

Olive oil is an excellent moisturizer and acts to soften the skin. You can also use this simple glycerin-lemon juice foot moisturizer to treat dry and pigmented skin.

What you’ll need

One Tablespoon Glycerin

Few Drops Lemon Juice

Take one tablespoon glycerin and add few drops lemon juice. Massage this mixture on the feet and leave overnight.

TIP– (i) Use lemon juice and glycerin daily on feet and leave overnight. Feet will be softer and even toned in a month.

(ii) Avoid using lemon during the day as it can make skin sensitive to sunlight.

(iii) Do not use lemon if you have cuts on the skin as it can cause a burning sensation.

Now that you have given yourself an amazing foot spa, you can paint your nails to make them look bright and beautiful. Simple, isn’t it?



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