Nivea Body Lotion Express Hydration Review


I have finished two bottles of Nivea Body Lotion Express Hydration and it is now time to review the product! I rely on a tried and tested DIY balm recipe to combat skin dryness, however, body lotions still form an integral part of my skincare routine. While my skin is dry in winters and normal in summers, my elbows are mostly dry and need deep hydration all year round.

I have used this product in both the seasons and if you want to know how it worked for me, then keep reading the review to know more! ūüôā

Product Claims: This ultra-light formula absorbs in seconds and leaves your skin soft and supple immediately I Sea Minerals and Hydra IQ supply you with moisture all day and help to repair your skin layer by layer so your skin looks gorgeous I Extra fast absorbing moisturization.

Price: Rs. 340 for 400ml.


My Experience with Nivea Body Lotion Express Hydration: This lotion is available in three sizes- 75 ml, 200 ml, and 400 ml.  The smaller sized bottles have a flip open cap and the 400 ml bottle comes with a pump dispenser. The packaging is neat and while this 400 ml bottle is not a travel-friendly option, it sits nicely on my vanity counter and I prefer using it immediately after taking a bath. The consistency is medium, neither too runny nor too thick which makes it ideal for use when I am short of time in the mornings. I slather a little amount of this lotion on damp skin and it gets absorbed after rubbing for a few seconds. The absorption is even quicker when I use it on dry skin in the evening. So the claims of extra fast absorption are true and it is a good choice for anyone who is not able to follow a proper skin care routine due to lack of time.

Although it is not the perfect product for winters when the skin is dry and needs extra hydration, it is a very good choice for summers. It is meant for normal skin and will work wonders on this skin type. Nivea body lotion feels very light on the skin and keeps it soft for hours. It contains sea minerals which help in keeping the skin soft and supple.

Nivea Body Lotion Express Hydration Review

I am not fussy about how my lotion smells but I definitely prefer ones which have a pleasant and long-lasting fragrance.¬†About its smell,¬† it has a soap-like fragrance which is not unpleasant or bothersome but I don’t quite like it. The fragrance doesn’t fade away quickly and you keep smelling good for quite some time.

Another thing that I loved about this body lotion is that it is free of colorants and animal-derived ingredients.

If you battle dryness, then I will suggest skipping this product. It will also not work for dry elbows or palms and it is better to use a formula which provides deep nourishment to these areas.¬† However, if you have normal skin and are looking for a decent body lotion, I will definitely recommend this product, It does live up to its promise of deep moisture and long-lasting feel for normal skin. This body lotion will also work for oily skinned beauties who are looking for a light and non-greasy product. I will recommend it to everyone who doesn’t have the time to take luxurious baths and need products that have fast absorption. It works for me and I am sure, it will work for you too!

What I like about the product 

  1. Very quick absorption into the skin.
  2. Non-greasy.
  3. Hydrating for normal to oily skin.
  4. Pleasant fragrance.
  5. Free of colorants and animal derived ingredients.

What I don’t like about the product

  1. Not meant for very dry skin or dry elbows/hands.

Verdict:  I will recommend Nivea Body Lotion Express Hydration for its fast absorption, deep moisture, and lasting feel for normal and oily skin.

Rating: 4/5 



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