The Body Shop British Rose Shower Gel Review


I sometimes ditch my workspace in the morning to spend time in nature while I work on the blog. Today is one such day when the weather is perfect for spending time outdoors, I have already taken a shower with The Body Shop British Rose shower gel and finished breakfast. TBS British Rose shower gel is a beautiful bath product that I use really often and it is funny how I forgot to review it after reviewing Moringa and Satsuma shower gels. Better late than never! Here is my opinion on the British Rose shower gel, keep reading to know if it deserves a place in your bath cabinet!

Product Details:  Awaken your skin with the irresistibly dewy scent of roses. Our cleansing Shower Gel is infused with the essence of hand-picked roses from Britain to make showering feel blooming beautiful.

  • Soap-free cleanser
  • Rose scented and Lather rich
  • With the essence of hand-picked British roses

Price: Rs345/250mL


How To Use: Lather in the shower. Rinse well.

My Experience With The Body Shop British Rose Shower Gel: What do you expect from your shower gel? I want it to cleanse well, keep skin moist and smell great. TBS British Rose shower gel fits all these criteria and is one product that I use regularly. It comes in a transparent bottle with a flip-top cap that shuts tightly and prevents any leakage. The shower gel has a light pink color and smells of British Roses. Since it lathers well, only a small quantity is required for a shower and the bottle lasts really long! Also, I prefer to use loofah otherwise a lot of product goes waste. It does its basic job of cleansing well and doesn’t leave any residue on the skin. Since I love to use products that do not dry out the skin, British rose shower gel has become a regular part of my shower routine. It keeps the skin moist and I immediately use a body lotion/ body butter after the shower. I have already done a detailed review of TBS British rose body yogurt a few days back and since I am almost in love with this fragrance of British roses, I will soon get the body mist and hand cream from this range.

Its fragrance is pleasant and mild so it fades away in some time but the shower keeps smelling of roses for many minutes. 🙂

This product uses some good ingredients and while some may argue that it has fragrance, it works for me and will work for most of you. However, if you have sensitive skin or are particularly sensitive to fragrances then you should try fragrance-free products. It is anyways a good idea to do a patch test before using any new product.

What I Like About The Product:

  1. Cleanses well.
  2. Soap-free.
  3. Doesn’t dry out the skin.
  4. Smells great.
  5. Forms good lather.
  6. Little quantity required for each shower which makes it an affordable product.

What I Don’t Like About The Product:

  1. Has fragrance so people who are allergic to it should avoid this product.

Verdict: The Body Shop British rose shower gel is a great product for your morning shower. Use a drop of this pink colored shower gel on your loofah for a relaxing shower. Follow it with a body lotion/ body yogurt/ body butter and you are all set. Will I repurchase it? Yes! Will I recommend it? Yes, of course!!!

Rating: 4/5

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