The Face Shop Real Nature Lingzhi Face Mask Review


Sheet masks are the quickest way to fix common skin issues. Whether your skin is feeling tired, dry, dehydrated or is simply fighting the signs of aging, regular use of sheet masks can do wonders for your skin. And the ease of using them have made these masks popular among women. After reviewing their Pomegranate and Lotus sheet mask, here is the next review for The Face Shop Real Nature Lingzhi Face Mask.

Product Claims: A mask sheet that is drenched with emulsified moisturizing serum and helps improve the resilience of sagging skin. Enriched with lingzhi extracts, the all-new Real Nature Lingzhi Face Mask by Face Shop is here to transform your skin! The rich extracts with firming properties provide wrinkle care, add bounciness and elasticity to the skin.


How To Use: Wash face and apply toner. Remove the mask from the packet and gently unfold. Place it on the entire face, smoothing to fit curves and adjusting around eyes, nose, and mouth. Remove after 10 to 15 minutes and pat in remaining content to absorb into the skin.

Price: Rs. 100/ sheet

My Experience With The Face Shop Real Nature Lingzhi Face Mask: A Sheet Mask is the quickest way to hydrate the skin when it is dull and tired. And the glow it adds in single-use comes as a bonus.

I wasn’t aware of Linghzi before I used this mask and had to google its uses. Lingzhi is a type of mushroom that is used in traditional medicines and has a number of beauty benefits too. Since it is a rich source of antioxidants that nourish the skin and have anti-aging properties, its use makes the skin smoother, softer and younger. It was interesting to know about this wonderful skin ingredient that I was completely unaware of.

Talking about the mask, its sheet is similar to the others in the range. The sheet is thin and completely drenched in rich serum. The smell is mild, pleasant and not overpowering. The fit is fine, I will not say it is perfect but as I have mentioned in my previous posts, it is impossible to have a sheet that can fit everyone perfectly so I do not consider it as a flaw.

I use this mask in the night for 20 minutes and massage the remaining serum into the skin afterward. It leaves the skin softer and a little brighter. However, I did not notice any firming effect on the skin and the effects last for not more than two days. Till the effects last, my skin is more receptive to other treatments and the products seem to absorb better. I consider it as a hydrating mask instead of a firming one which is why it is good for treating dehydrated skin.

What I Like About The Product:

  • Hydrating
  • Good absorption of serum into the skin.
  • Mild fragrance.
  • Skin feels softer and smoother.

What I Don’t Like About The Product:

  • No firming effect.
  • Contains alcohol.

Verdict: The Face Shop Real Nature Lingzhi Face Mask is a good sheet mask for dry skin. Skin feels soft and smooth after its use and the effects last for 2 days. There is no firming effect on the skin though but it is great for hydration.

Rating: 4/5


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