Trichup Hair Fall Control Shampoo and Hair Mask Review


 Choosing the right product is the first step in mastering a hair care routine and while it may sound simple, this often ends up being the most difficult task. After using a number of products in the past, I recently came across Trichup hair fall control shampoo and Trichup hair fall control mask from Vasu Healthcare. With 40 years of excellence and products available in 40+ countries, Vasu Healthcare is a very well known name in the field of ayurvedic and herbal beauty. Not to mention, the products are ‘Made in India’.

Their hair fall control range has herbal products that are enriched with natural herbs and are free from silicones, parabens, dioxanes, and other harmful chemicals. What could have been a better match at a time when I am dealing with dryness and hair fall issues! After using these products for a few days, I have decided to review them for you.

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Trichup Hair Fall Control Shampoo Review

How to use: Apply to wet hair, work up a rich lather, rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. Store away from sunlight, heat, and moisture. Suitable for all hair types.

Key Ingredients: Amla, Licorice and Bhringaraj.

I have fine, dry hair and there are very few shampoos that I love. In fact, many times I rely on natural cleansers to clean my hair but I have been religiously using Trichup for the last few days as it is a herbal shampoo. It is enriched with Amla, Licorice, and Bhringraj which are some of the best hair care ingredients. Not to mention, it is SLES, paraben, and dioxane free. What else can you ask for in a product?

I use it as per instructions on wet hair and a little shampoo is enough to work up a lather when I have not oiled my hair. However, I need more quantity on days I use oil as a pre-shampoo treatment which is perfectly understandable as the shampoo is very mild and gentle in nature. My hair appears softer to touch and more manageable post-wash. It leaves a mild and calming fragrance in hair after wash which is an added bonus 🙂

Trichup Hair Fall Control Hair Mask

How to use: Spread over wet hair from root to tip after shampooing. Leave for about 10-15 minutes, preferably with hair wrapped in a hot towel, and rinse off thoroughly. enjoy its lingering fragrance.

Key Ingredients: Hibiscus, Holy basil and Neem.

This pandemic has completely changed our lives! I had a very hectic time in the last three months when hair care seemed the last thing on my mind and as a result, my hair turned really dry and started falling. While I mostly prefer DIY hair masks, I do enjoy occasional store-bought treatments for a salon-like treatment at home and have been using Trichup hair fall control hair mask for a few days. This light green hair mask has a thick texture and is used after shampoo as per directions. I prefer to leave it on hair with hair wrapped in a hot towel which is the preferred way for better results but if you want, you can skip using the towel.

It is easy to rinse which is such a relief considering many hair masks are so difficult to wash. My hair immediately feels softer after its use. I am quite surprised at how frizz-free and manageable it looks post-wash. After using this, my hair is softer, shinier, and smoother but in a very natural way. Besides working on frizz, my hair fall has reduced and it is so easy to run a comb through my hair.

Its exotic and delicate fragrance stays in my hair making it smell amazing which instills me with more confidence. And for these reasons, it is excellent for a hair spa at home.

Verdict: After using Trichup Hair Fall Control Shampoo & Hair Mask, I can very safely say that it makes hair softer and manageable. Both these products help to reduce hair fall and thinning hair and improve hair texture. Recommended for all hair types!

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